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Finnish Shorinji Kempo Federation FSKF

Finnish Shorinji Kempo activities are directed and supervised by the Finnish Shorinji Kempo Federation. The federation was established in 2001 to promote Shorinji Kempo  in Finland. Its goal is to develop and enhance Shorinji Kempo’s activities and to support the activities and cooperation of member associations. All Finnish Shorinji Kempo associations members of the federation.

FSKF is a member of the international World Shorinji Kempo OrganizationWSKO, whisc has it’s headquarters Hombu in Tadotsu on Shikoku Island in Japan. FSKF is an authorized country organization of WSKO.

The federation supports and organises joint camp and exercise events. During these events kenshi trainees from all over Finland will meet each other, learn new things under the guidance of different teachers, and at the same time have the opportunity to practice with each other. The teachers are either the federation’s national teachers – sensei – or international senseis. Duration of the events varies from half to two days. In addition to the normal technical training camps also contain instructor trainings.

FSKF is also responsible for organising gradings. At the country level, there are official Qualified Examiners in the Federation who have the right to give the grading tests up to 3.Dan. After that, the gradings will take place either in Japan or on international camps in the so-called Special Grading events.

The federation general meeting is responsible for the activities of the association. It is held normally twice a year- spring and autumn. The every day operations of the federation are run by the board of directors, which is elected at the federation autumn meeting. The chairman of the board of directors is also the federation president – who at the moment is
Kari Mäki-Kuutti sensei 5.Dan Daikenshi, Jyväskylä Branch

Branches, associations and clubs
Like many other sports, Shorinji Kempo is run locally by non-profit-making registered associations. The activities of the asociations are governed by the approved association rules for each of them, which in turn comply with the Finnish Association Law. The associations handle renting of training places, collection of membership fees and other financial and administrative matters essential to the operation. None of the instructors are paid any salary or fee for teaching – work is purely voluntary. The Shorinji Kempo associations belong to the Finnish Shorinji Kempo Federation FSKF and through thatall the kenshis are members of the international World Shorinji Kempo Organization – WSKO.

What is a ”Branch”
Worldwide, Shorinji Kempo training is organized in so-called Branches – in Japanese Shibu. Branch in English means ”twig” or ”branch”. It’s operations are led by a Branch masterShibu cho – head teacher who must be at least 3. Dan and must be certified by WSKO to operate. The Branch master is responsible for all Branch teachings and operations. He often has an assistant branch master and assistant teachers to assist him/her. The strict requirements for branch master aim to keep Shorinji Kempo at a high standard of education.

The Shorinji Kempo association is not always a branch but may operate under the authority of an official Branch. This is often the case when activities are beginning in a new locality. It is not possible to practice Shorinji Kempo without being a member of a WSKO approved branch run by a WSKO approved branch master.

In Shorinji Kempo we practice the same techniques and philosophy, with the same grading requirements in all branches and training sites all over the world. Registered trainees are welcome to visit any other branch both in Finland and abroad.

Training places

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